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Professionally rebuilt truck differentials wholesale to the public!

Quality Truck Differential sales, rebuilding service and repair parts. We offer rebuilt, new and factory remanufactured differentials for sale at discount pricing.

Truck Differentials Delivered Worldwide! There are many types of Differentials used today in the trucking industry.
Single axle and tandum axle setups. Front rear and rear rear models.
Truck Differentials in stock from brand names like: Clark, Eaton, Fabco, Mack, Meritor, Rockwell and Spicer to name a few.

Differential Ratios: 2.64, 3.08, 3.25, 3.36, 3.55, 3.70, 3.73, 3.90, 3.91, 410, 4.11, 4.30, 4.33, 4.56, 4.63, 4.78, 4.88, 5.13, 5.29, 5.38, 5.43, 5.57, 5.86, 6.14, 6.50 and 7.17

Eaton Differential:

Eaton differentials, long lasting products available in many models and preferred by fleet managers and owner operators. Eaton Differentials in, Single Reduction, S110 and S-R with differential lock, S110LS.

Eaton Models; DC381-P, DC401-P, DC402-P, DC451-P, DC460-P, DC480-P, DC461-P, DC521-P, DP340, DS340, DS341, DS344, DS380-P, DS381-P, DS400-P, DS401-P, DS404, DS402-P, DS451-P, DS454, DS461-P, DS521-P, DS581, DT340, DT341, DT380, DP380-P, DT381, DP381-P, DT400, DP400-P, DT401, DP401-P, DP402-P, DP451-P, RS344, RS404, RS-454, RS461, RS521, RS581, RT341, RP341, RT381, RP381-P, RT402, RP402-P, RT401, RP401-P, RT451, RP451-P, RT340, RP340, RT380, RP380-P, RT400 and RP400-P.

Rockwell Differential:

Rockwell differentials are a very popular brand for it's reliable and practically bulletproof design. Rockwell differentials are the pride of most over the road truckers and come in many heavy duty models and ratios.

Rockwell Models; F106 and R170. RD20-145, RD23-160, RDL20-145, RDL23-160, RP20-145, RPL20-145, RP23-160, RPL23-160, RR20-145, RRL20-145, RT46-160, RR23-160, RRL23-160, RS20-145, RS23-160, RS15-210, RS17-220, RS21-230, RT40-145, RT46-160, SQHD, SQHP, SQAR, SSHD, SQ100 and SQ100-P.

Mack Differential:

Mack differentials are the beast of heavy duty truck differentials. Mack differential are used in heavy
hauling applications to move massive loads under extreme conditions. Mack differentials are available in several models and all ratios.

Mack Models; CH612, CH613, CRD92, CRD93, P820G, R600, RB6OO, RD600 and RD686S.

Spicer Differential:

Spicer Differentials, Dana affordable, heavy hauling and over the road performance. Reliable and long lasting, Spicer differentials offer a solution for any application.

Spicer Models: 30 JK, 44 JK, 44 JK Reverse, 44 Reverse Rotation, D27, D28, D30, D30 HD, D30 Rear,
D30 Reverse Rotation, D30 Short Pinion, D30 Standard Rotation Front, D36-ICA, D44, D44 HD, D44-ICA HD, D50, D60, D61, D70, D70-HD, D70-U, D80, S110 and S135.

Meritor Differential:

Meritor Differentials, very dependable truck differential selection as well and models for industrial applications. Another fine choice. Meritor differentials are available in: heavy-duty models.

Meritor Models: 140, 141, 145 210, 220, 230, 240, F106, R170, SQHD, SQHP, SQAR, SSHD, SQ100
and SQ100-P, SQ100F, SQ100R, SQHR,SL-SQHD, SL-SQ100/SQHP, QHP, QD-100, QP-100, LD-100, LP-100, QRD-100, QRP-100, RS13-120, RS15-120 and RS15-125, RD20-145, RD23-160, RDL20-145, RDL23-160, RP20-145, RPL20-145, RP23-160, RPL23-160, RR20-145, RRL20-145, RT46-160,
RR23-160, RRL23-160, RS20-145, RS23-160, RS15-210, RS17-220, RS21-230, RT40-145 and RT46-160.

Owner operators, shop owners, fleet managers, anyone can purchase the industry-leading rebuilt, new and used truck differentials direct, high-quality factory reman or a brand new differential from the truck differential professionals at Total Drivetrain. We will deliver your replacement differential to any location needed and work with the shop to pick up the core.

We offer a complete line of rebuilt differentials for heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks as well as used truck differentials and salvage units
for parts or rebuilding.

Truck Differential Parts Delivered Worldwide!
We can remanufacture any make or model differential, transfer case or truck transmission on the market and also offer a full line of repair parts in both new and used. We will pick up your differential, rebuild it and deliver it back to you ready to install in a matter of days with a full one year unlimited mileage warranty you can trust.

Remanufactured truck differentials from a Company who cares about you, not just the bottom line!

Every unit is built to the highest quality, fully inspected, tested, stored then re-tested and inspected prior to shipping. This insures the differential product you receive is of the highest quality available, ready to install and operate immediately.

The highest quality rebuilt truck differentials money can buy with a iron clad warranty that covers you all over the World.

We are proud to be American and offer products as well as replacement parts built in America by the fine people in the U.S.A.
Truck differential parts are in stock for all Eaton models, Spicer, Mack, Rockwell, Meritor and Clark differentials as well as truck transmission and transfer case parts too!

Remanufactured Truck Differentials and Parts!

Name brand genuine parts and after market repair parts for additional savings.
We always recommend you use OEM repair and replacement parts, however we also offer after market parts for those who prefer them.